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Dutch gender pay gap disminishes under one euro an hour

The wage gap between men and women in the Netherlands is shrinking because men are earning less. This results from a new research by wage assessment website the Monsterboard jobs platform. According to the study, the difference in average wages has now shrinked to 5.8%.

Women’s average wage of €13.86 an hour remained unchanged last year while men’s pay went down from €15.19 to €14.72. The difference is bigger in management positions, especially in financial services, IT and Telecom.

That’s an average of one-fifth more. In the transport and logistics sector the wage difference is smallest for the managers. The male manager earns on average 10 percent more than the female manager.

Male managers are likely to earn 20% more than their female colleagues. Monsterboard director Gian Zandona told news agency ANP that ‘The gap that remains is largely due to the fact that many women take a carrier break or work part-time.’


The study also shows that women are more likely looking for a new job than men. This may have a connection with the pay gap. This year 54% women are seeking a new job, compared with 47% of men. In addition, 27% of women are uncertain about their income, while 17%of men are concerned about this. Also, less women than men expect a pay raise: 45% versus 56%.

[Source: NRC]



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