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Dutch grocery bills cheapest in western Europe

The Netherlands is the cheapest place in western Europe to buy food, with prices 2% under the EU average, the national statistics office CBS declared on Wednesday. All other western European countries are more expensive than the Netherlands.

Prices in neighbouring Belgium are 8% above the average and in Germany groceries cost 3% more.

Food is most expensive among non-EU members.

Denmark is the most expensive place to eat of the 27 EU countries.

CBS mentioned that meat in Netherlands is more expensive than the EU average, it has gone down in price over the past three years.

Poland is the cheapest place in Europe to do grocery shopping.

These conclusions of the Dutch statistics agency CBS are based on figures from the European statistics office Eurostat, which looked at food and drink prices in 38 European countries.

[Source: CBS]

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  1. Rudy Meiner
    Rudy Meiner says:

    I cannot believe this. In our experience Spain is much cheaper: wine, seafood, fish, vegetables and even pharmaceuticals are much cheaper there.

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