Dutch holiday maker has more often sex

Dutch holiday maker has more often sex

Nearly three-quarters of the Dutch have more sex on holiday than at home. This results from a research of Radio 10 for the radio show Tim in the morning. In particular caravan owners profit of the holiday atmosphere: 90 percent of them say to have more often sex on vacation than at home. What’s on with those who choose a holiday in an apartment or in a tent?


Holiday makers who choose for an apartment, are the most lucky ones. 81 percent of them said to have more sex on holidays. “That people are more intimate on vacation has everything to do with the time they finally have time for each other”, says sexologist Astrid Kremers.” Many barriers break down then and on vacation people are faster excited by scantily clothing and beautiful, tanned bodies.”


Camping holidays in a tent with the whole family seem to be killing for your sex life. Even 80 percent of the campers has less sex with their partner than at home.

[Source: Nieuws.nl]


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