Dutch man is bad lover

Dutch men are the second worst lovers in Europe. They are worse than French, Spanish and Swedish lovers. At least, according to the female members of Ashley Madison, a site for people with a relationship.

The booby prize goes to the Dutch men. They scored the highest in terms of endurance, but that’s really all that speaks for them.


Especially in the field of romance Dutch men have a long way to go. Regarding that, they can learn a lot from their neighbors in the east. Indeed, Germans scored the highest, followed by French.

When it comes to kissing Dutch men score five out of the maximum ten points. A sharp contrast compared to the Italians, who are brilliant kissers scoring ten, according to the women of Ashley Madison.


In terms of appearance women are also disappointed about the Dutch man, four points here. Spaniards are rated with ten; Greek and Swedish men follow closely with nine.


  1. France: 7,5
  2. Spain: 7,33
  3. Sweden: 7,33
  4. Portugal: 7,17
  5. Italy: 7,0
  6. Great Britain: 6,83
  7. Germany: 6,83
  8. Denmark: 6,83
  9. Norway: 6,67
  10. Greece: 6,67
  11. NETHERLANDS: 6,67
  12. Finland: 6,5.
(Source: TrendNova)


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  1. Naima
    Naima says:

    To be fair the source for this article is a cheating website so the start of this article ‘Ashley Madison, a site for people with a relationship’ is not very honest. The people usin this website is not generally able to have normal face to face relationships and they are cheaters and or sex addicts…to be fare to any nationality I think this is not the right people to rate bad or good lovers

  2. MG
    MG says:

    Pfff…that’s why I left my country, beautiful job, family and friends to marry with a dutch guy! (If is not clear enough I am being sarcastic) People should invest money, time and energy in useful researches like to heal deceases, and stop generalizing with unuseful information… My husband is fu……ing GREAT!

  3. Karla
    Karla says:

    Hmm! I have a Dutch boyfriend and I’m Mexican and I can tell you that you are VERY WRONG, you can’t generalize. My experience with him is nothing like this, best lover ever

  4. James
    James says:

    Maybe you should proof read these articles before posting them…. “Worser lovers” and “Poodle Price” and I’m only on the second paragraph.

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