Eating Amsterdam: How to discover Dutch food

Eating Amsterdam: How to discover Dutch food

What to visit in Amsterdam? What to eat in Amsterdam? What is the typical food in Holland?

These are some of the questions I get from all my guests who come to visit Amsterdam. It is always weird to answer what to eat… Dutch cuisine is not as complex or refined as Italian, French or Japanese (please DO NOT think about all-you-can-eat sushi, that is not Japanese food)… Though, even after years, I find it difficult to advise my guests. 

But now, I finally found out how to fulfil the expectations of the foodie travelers: there is a new tour available and this one, you cannot miss!

 Discover Dutch culture by Appetit Voyage

Welcome to Eat in Amsterdam Tour, a new way to discover the city and the culture from the Netherlands.

Since some months, there is a new tour in town. I live near Amsterdam (Haarlem) for 4 years and dedicated a lot of time searching and discovering the typical food from Holland and the Dutch habits. So when I saw the tour, I just jumped at the opportunity and was really curious to see if I would learn something new…

I am going to be honest; I had my doubts! Well, for the ones who already read my restaurants reviews, you already know that I am tough on service and quality and I was afraid to not getting some good tips from the tour,… but I was wrong!!!!

Discover Dutch culture by Appetit Voyage

The meeting point was in front of one of the most famous old brown cafés in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. I was happy to start in one of the oldest districts in Amsterdam, where walking along the canals is already a pleasure to the eyes. The tour is focused on this neighborhood, one of the most exciting and romantic ones of the city.

A joyful Annamaria welcomed a small group of foodies, expats and Amsterdammers curious to discover the new tour in town! And what a tour! The group consisted of great people, all connected with food and food lovers!




Discover Dutch culture by Appetit Voyage
Liquorice treasure shop

Our guide was just full of energy and enthusiasm, well prepared, smiling and mingling with each of us!

She really brought a new perspective to Dutch food and a beautiful new view of the Jordaan and Amsterdam.

We started with all kinds of typical and different kinds of places but also delicious food! It really made me connect to the Dutch gastronomy. We stopped along 8 shops and tried 12 different types of food along the way. I can tell you that portions are generous.. and I was feeling pretty full and happy at the end!


Discover Dutch culture by Appetit Voyage
Annamaria and the ‘haring’

I will not unveil all the treasures of the tour, I think you will love the surprise, but I want to tell a little more about my greatest challenge during the tour: the herring! Let’s start calling it first by its Dutch name: HARING. For more than 600 years, Dutch eat this small blue fish, which is fished from mid May till mid July and salted and ripened for several days before it can be consumed! I tried to eat it several times and always found it disgusting,…

But, this time it had been different! Annamaria brought us in a small and very high quality fish shop and it was absolutely delicious! This was a hit for me and true discovery! This is the kind of experience that makes you understand the people better who are living here. I really thank Eating Amsterdam for this wonderful stop!


Discover Dutch culture by Appetit Voyage
Boat Tour

Another great part of the tour is also a 2-hour boat tour in the canals of Amsterdam. When it comes to food, you definitely need to understand the history of the place as well. Our charming captain explained all the details of the architecture along the canals while you are sipping a Amsterdam brewed beer and enjoying a true borrelhapje (Dutch aperitive)!

You finish up the tour with a sweet treat and a coffee while sharing your impressions about the tour.




I definitely recommend this tour versus any other as it really mixes all the most important parts of discovering a place: history, architecture, culture, traditional food shops, passionate people and of course.. gastronomy in life! The canal tour is a must!


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