Eco-friendly Christmas ideas that are also good for the Earth

We are living in times when caring about our environment is also an individual responsibility. All the choices we make every day about how we live our lives has an effect on our planet. However, Christmas should be about joy, love and having a good time with our loved ones, with very little effort we can keep up with the holiday spirit and do good for our environment.

If you want to give some eco-friendly tips for this Christmas, here are some awesome tips and ideas that you will like for sure!

Christmas tree

There is no Christmas without a tree! A lot of people say, among them, my family feels this way as well. Usually, I go home for the holidays and spend Christmas with friends and family, so there is no point for me to buy a Christmas tree here. If you are in the same shoes you might consider trading a Christmas tree for other kinds of decoration ideas to make your home here festive. However, if you are spending Christmas here, you can choose to buy living trees especially if you have a garden where you can plant them or know someone who has a garden and would love to take your tree after the holidays. If you would prefer to have a more lasting option, you can make an alternative Christmas tree as well. Check out these tips:

Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t like to send or receive a really cute Christmas card right? In case you don’t want to generate a lot of paper waste by sending out Christmas cards, I have good news for you! Nowadays it is very easy to create DIY, personal Christmas cards both electronically and otherwise. If you are okay with sending out your cards via email this year, I would suggest for you to use where you can make your card in no time. It is not only a lot of fun and easy to use, but your card for sure will look exactly what you wanted. In case you are old fashioned (like I am,) I found this super great (although a bit on the pricy side) opportunity: I love these cards because the paper itself contains flower and herb seeds, so instead of throwing it away, you can plant it. On their website, it is possible to arrange for some customized options as well. If you are creative and want to do something with your own hands, I’ve found this video very useful, just go with recycled paper and try to use stuff you already have at home:

Christmas Decorations

Ah! This is the best part! I really love decorations and I love this season because you can make your home so cozy and festive. Check out this website and try out these super easy and cute DIY decorations:

Christmas Meals

One of the best things about Christmas is food, at least it is for me. For me, Christmas is about sitting around a table, eating great food, drinking good wine and talk and laugh. This is the part I am looking forward to the most. If you also want to consider environmental friendly options at the table you have a lot to choose from. If you want to try some vegetarian or vegan meal options check out these recipes:

Not only are these options yummy but you also don’t have to worry about gaining a lot of weight during the holidays especially if you try gluten-free, sugar-free or low carb options as well. If you are a meat eater then try to buy local products and ecological (which is always a good idea also in the case of vegetarian and vegan options as well).  My fiancé found this really cool site where you can order food from local farmers and you can pick it up in person, but the pickup point is in Amsterdam. If you still would like to give it a go:

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Christmas Gifts

Even though I honestly don’t believe in Christmas being about gifts, however, they are very important. There is nothing compared to see how happy one can be when you surprise them with something special. When it comes to gifts only your imagination can limit the possibilities. You can choose eco friendly gifts:, Or DIY gifts: Or, one of my favourites you can also donate to a good cause. If you know someone who would really appreciate it if you would donate to an organization in their name don’t hesitate to do so! I got such a gift last year and it was really nice! All you have to do is search for a cause that you think your loved one could relate to and make a donation in their name. Many of these organization will send a printable certificate or something similar so you can physically surprise your loved ones.

Last but not least I would like to wish everyone an awesome Christmas preparation!

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