End of heat in sight: showers and thunderstorms and cooler weekend

In a few days, the heatwave that the whole country has been dealing with for a week will end. According to KNMI, after some thunderstorms and rain showers, it will be ‘only’ 25-28 degrees from Friday. 

Today was another hot day in the Netherlands, with maximums of 35 degrees Celsius or slightly higher, the nights are also warm with minimum temperatures around the 17 to 20 degrees Celsium. But the weather is going to change… cooler but still Summer temperatures.

Code orange heat warnings are in place for the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland. Code yellow is in place for the rest of the country, and will remain in effect until at least Thursday morning.

As long as the temperature is so high it’s good to take measures: keep yourself and your home cool. Limit extreme physical exercise. Stay hydrated. Take water with you when traveling. Clean your refill water bottle daily.

According to the KNMI (the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI is the Dutch national weather service) Tuesday will be mostly sunny, with some high clouds in the center and south of the country, which could turn into a thunderstorm in the afternoon. The storm could include strong winds, hail, and downpours,

Wednesday will see similar weather, with maximums between 29 and 34 degrees and a chance of thunderstorms. On Thursday and Friday, thunderstorms will disperse the tropical heat, the KNMI expects.

The weekend will still be warm, but with regular rain showers. We will keep Summer temperatures, of 25-28 degrees.



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