An #EUGreenCard can help Britons in Europe and EU27citizens in the UK post Brexit – deal or no deal!

If Britain crashes out of the EU on 29 March then two years work on the withdrawal agreement will have come to nothing. EU27citizens in the UK and the5Million Britons in Europe could face an even more uncertain future than today.

Roger Casale is the founder and CEO of New Europeans, a pro-European civil rights organisation set up in Britain before the referendum and now active across Europe from its new HQ in Brussels.

Commenting on the prospect of a no deal Brexit, Roger said:

“We always knew no deal was a possibility. That’s why we have consistently called for unilateral guarantees by the UK government to secure the rights of EU27 citizens in the UK. The EU should do the same for Britons in Europe, but the decision has been taken to leave that to individual member states”

Although the UK government has agreed to unilateral guarantees, EU27 citizens may still face problems proving they have “settled status” or the right to stay in Britain. That is why New Europeans has introduced the idea of an #EUGreenCard.

Roger Casale explains:

“The Green Card would ring fence the rights and status of EU27citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe so that their lives could return as close to normal as possible post Brexit. The Green Card is also still the only show in town in terms of how Britons in Europe could recover freedom of movement rights post Brexit – deal or no deal.”

New Europeans will give evidence to the influential Constitutional Affairs Committee in the European Parliament early this year. The organisation has already appeared before the Civil Liberties Committee.

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