Wonder Wander

De exhibition i WONDER i WANDER in De Lichtfabriek (the old the Light Factory) is part of Kunstlijn Haarlem.

Themes of the exhibition are Alice in Wonderland and the big questions: Who are we? What is reality?

The Light Factory is itself a dark building. As sunlight can penetrate in a dark forest and light trees in an enchanting way, so little light plays a major role in the exhibition. The story of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) is a red line in the exhibition.She is constantly wondering whether what she experiences is the reality or her imagination. “..At Least I know who I WAS when i got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several at times since then.” (Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll)

Installations, films, paintings and dance performances by, among others Hans Hiltermann, Alice Brasser, MAS & CO, (former) students AMFI -. Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Rietveld and Minerva.

In addition, the work of creatives who are fascinated by projection.



Address De Lichtfabriek

De Lichtfabriek

Minckelersweg 2
2031 EM Haarlem

t: 023-5400288
f: 023-5400341


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