expatsHaarlem proudly presents: expatsHaarlem Work

The expatsHaarlem Work section is yet another service that expatsHaarlem has developed to make your life in the Netherlands and in Haarlem in particular a little easier. In this Work section you can read everything about the Dutch labour market, find information about starting your own company, legal advice, writing business plans and financial plans, requesting social benefits and articles about the latest developments in the Dutch labour market.

Do you want to know everything there is to know about starting your own business? About legal matters, translation or recruitment? Please visit the expatHaarlem Work category.

expatsHaarlem WorkOur Work Manager is Hanna Sohier. Hanna moved to Haarlem 3 years ago. She has extensive experience in assisting internationals with their IND applications and setting up their business in the Netherlands. She will create a group of strong Partners around her to redirect when necessary. She enjoys guiding expats in getting used to life in the Netherlands.

As the Work category is still a category in progress we will add information about finding jobs and recruitment in the near future.

Services we offer so far:

Just contact us with any questions you may have.


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