Curious about the events we organise for the adults in June? Visit our events page!

More dates will be added (think of several World Cup matches), but so far we have scheduled for you:
~ A film on Wed 11th
~ Our monthly drink on Fri 27th

Go to our events page if you’re looking for details and want to sign up to those events you’re interested in attending!


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Novita was born in Semarang, Indonesia, but raised in Holland. She has lived in Leiderdorp and Hillegom before moving to Haarlem. Due to "living" 1 month in Malta as a student, she knows a tiny bit about expat life.. 😉 Furthermore she loves to travel, likes to meet international(ly minded) people, is interested in making new friends from all over the world, different backgrounds & cultures and very fond of tasty (culinary) food.

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