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expatsHaarlem’s upcoming events

Unsure what to do with your free time? Want to know which events we are organising? Visit and keep your eyes on our events page! More dates will be added but for now the schedule is as follows: 



– 28 September: (*** TODAY ***) What’s For Lunch?!

Long time since we had lunch together, right? Why not going for a ‘bammetje’ + drink or anything else you fancy having for lunch then.. and catch up?! :) What’s more appealing than meeting new people and/or old friends over a yummy bite and drink whilst discovering a brand new place at the same time? Exactly! So, dearest xH-members; hurry up, join us and take this opportunity to get acquainted with each other!!

– 17 October: expatsHaarlem Comedy Night: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

COME JOIN US FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY NIGHT OF STAND-UP COMEDY IN HAARLEM! The internationally-touring Stand-Up Comedian, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (abbreviated as “DRS”), has performed in 35 countries worldwide. Always up for a good laugh and different night out, but no idea where DRS stands for??! Then read and watch his funny video in our article “What If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say” (1,496,839 views in 2 weeks time! ) and check out “our interview with him” a.s.a.p.! It gives you a good impression of this infamous character and will definitely convince you to watch DRS perform live!! DON’T MISS OUT on (t)his hilarious, daring & funny solo show called “Expat Life”.

– 31 October: expatsHaarlem Monthly Drink (every last Friday of the Month)

In these times of uncertainty, where nothing is what it seems, where technology is taking over and where there is no such thing as ‘there are no facts, only interpretations’, one thing is for sure: Every last Friday of the month, there will ALWAYS be the expatsHaarlem monthly drink. So come and join us to celebrate the end of the month and week together!



– 5 October: Monthly Kids Get-Together (every first Sunday of the Month)

Did you  know, that the biggest playground in Europe is located near Haarlem? Oh, yes, only 15 minutes drive to Bennebroek and you are at the door of kids’ paradise Linnaeushof. Hundreds of attractions keep the kids busy for all day long. Let’s have fun together! Join us on Sunday, October 5th.



– 11 October: Worldwide Photo Walk

October 11th is this year’s official Worldwide Photo Walk day! And we are of course participating. You can win great prizes if you register and submit your photos after the walk. You are anyway encouraged to share about this event on social media before/during the photowalk. Once you are home and rested, please also share your photos on our local Haarlem Photo Club Flick page (tag: worldwide photo walk) and on the Worldwide Flick group. The walk will take +- 3 hours to finish. We’ll meet in Front of the main entrance of Stationsplein 7, (Haarlem Central Station Square 7). There are no costs required to participate in the walk.

– 26 October: Photo Exhibition “Abandoned & Captured” (+ lecture & drink with the author)

Urban exploring, abbreviated urbex or UE, is visiting and photographing (mostly) abandoned buildings and environments that are not usually open. The term urban exploring is English and literally means study of the urban (urban =) but it can just as well play in the country. (source Wikipedia). An old abandoned barrack on the outskirts of Liege, a vintage graveyard somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes, a retired hospital near Berlin. Abandoned, worn and forgotten. Virtually untraceable. Each subject has its own story. The atmosphere that the urbex subjects radiate fascinate Olaf Kramer. He tries to capture it in his photos. Olaf exhibits a selection of his urbex photography entitled “abandoned and captured” in Haarlem. The Haarlem Photo Club is invited to see his collection. Olaf will afterwards while enjoying a drink give an explanation about his work and about how the collection started. Then we will exchange opinions about the exhibition and other photography matters.





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