Filet americain

Filet americain of Albert Heijn? Bring it back!

Did you buy filet americain (steak tartare) at the Albert Heijn? You can better bring it back to the supermarket! AH recalls part of its packagings AH filet américain naturel 160 gram because of risk of infection with intestinal bacterium Listeria.

Packages with a sticker price of 2 euros and the expiration date March 26 are infected with the listeria bacteria. Eating this product may be harmful to health, according to the company. Buyers are urged not to consume the product. Customers can return the filet americain (natural 160 grams) to a AH-supermarket, where they will get the paid price for the purchase back when returning the product.

Listeria is a bacteria that can cause a food infection. The consequences can be grave, according to the Dutch Nutrition Center. Especially pregnant women should guard against it; an infection with Listeria can result in miscarriage or premature birth. The elderly and people with weakened immune systems are also more susceptible.

For more information, customers can contact the free Service Line of Albert Heijn 0800-03 05.

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