How to land a job in Haarlem as a newcomer

The Netherlands ranks 4th on the list of best countries for working abroad this year with expats highlighting the local business culture and flexibility as attractive features. In addition, the country not only offers a good work environment and opportunities for foreigners, but it also has many pleasant places to live. Haarlem is one area, ranked as one of the top places to live in the nation for expats featuring affordable housing, amenities, and jobs for newcomers. From government websites and agencies to company recruiters and employment boards, there are vacancies in Haarlem to suit different skills sets and qualifications if you’re a non-national looking for your first job in the city.

First stop is the UVW Werkzoekenden

The Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UVW) is the government’s employment insurance agency. It is the place where the unemployed register as job-seekers to qualify for unemployment benefits. The UVW has also a site,, where you can sign up, upload your CV and look for jobs. There are online tests that you can take to find out where your interests lie and to assess your qualifications. Among other things, you can check out their job coach and application tips, register for online training, webinars, courses, and study programs to increase your chances of landing work. Training programs are handy in building up skills that can help in job performance.

To sign up, head to the UVW office in Haarlem. Bring a piece of identity (ID card or passport). Citizens from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are free to work and live in the Netherlands. However, if you are not a national of these unions or countries, you must secure a residence permit to work and live legally in the place. You must obtain a citizen service number (BSN) and DigiD that you can use when dealing with transactions on government websites and healthcare institutions. The citizen service number is also required to be able to work in the country.

Recruitment agencies and job websites

It is common for Dutch companies to look for employees using recruitment agencies. In Haarlem, there are several recruitment agencies that are reliable such as Joep at Work, DLIVR Recruitment, and Search X Recruitment. Monsterboard and National Vacature Bank are online employment databases that are useful. However, the sites are in Dutch only. Note that although it is not necessary to speak Dutch to land a job, it increases your chances of finding work outside of international companies if you speak the language.

English speakers, on the other hand, can consult Undutchables and Blue Lynx for job vacancies. Some of the most popular job offers in Haarlem are for software engineers, project and marketing managers, and quality assurance specialists. International job fairs are other viable sources. In Haarlem, the first housing and career event took place in May 2022. If you missed it, you could attend job fair events in other cities. For example, Amsterdam often hosts events to attract talents and job-seekers. There are also virtual sessions that you can join, if in-person attendance is not viable.

It is possible to find a job in Haarlem using the many resources that are available for new arrivals in the city. From government portals and recruitment agencies to online boards and job fairs, employment seekers will find something that will suit their talents and qualifications.