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How to find a job in the Netherlands.

Tips to find a job here in The Netherlands;

  • Don’t quit your previous job, you can work remotely at least for a while. It will sustain your condition during the period of big changes, when you won’t feel the ground under your feet and, the most important – you will keep the contact with the people you already know.
  • September-October and February-March are months of the most active search for the new employees. Dutch people are good at counting money, so they won’t hire a new employee until the quarterly report would say the opposite. Job fairs are taking places during these months. The most popular are: Uprise Festival, Job Air for Internationals of Oct),  I am Expat Fair (25h of March). I found my first job during such kind of fair. There you can find a company you like, come over to the recruiter managers and just have a small talk. If everything went smooth, you would be invited to the interview very soon.
Find a job

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  • Linkedin is not the only place where you can find new vacancies.  In the Netherlands, there are several very popular websites, where you can find a job. Some of them are in Dutch and you should know the language on a decent level to apply for the position and pass the interview. However, sometimes it’s just a conditional requirement. Here is the list of the most popular websites with fresh job- openings: Together Abroad, Job Rapido, Indeed
  • Don’t forget to write a cover letter. As they are not read but charted digitally, it must have keywords from the vacancy description. However, sometimes recruiters do read cover letters and you should always be sure you wrote a professional letter with a personal touch.
  • In Holland it is very difficult to dismiss an employee, that is why free semi-annual internships are very popular. It’s easier to make the right decision whether you fit each other or not. Some agencies cover travel expense and pay 300-500 euros per month. Some don’t. In any case, internships have a big advantage: during the planned trial period most likely you will have a mentor who will monitor your implementation into a working process. And the moment you get the job, you will be aware of all nuances. There is also a disadvantage: it is difficult to claim even a middle salary on the market after such an internship.
find a job

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  • Open applications. You know this company is the perfect place for you to work but they don’t have open vacancies – send your CV with a cover letter anyway. It will show you in a favorable light – you are very interested in working at this company and ease the recruiters’ life when they have a fresh job-opening.
  • Personally, I didn’t use their services but I heard good stories. They will help you to correct your CV and rehearse interview. Those agencies are the most popular: Undutchables, Abroad Experience, Manpower, Bluelynx, Amsterdamrecruitment, Eastman
  • Be more confident and assertive. Remind yourself after a week of no response. Call the recruiter (check the correct name at the Linkedin in advance) and ask how’s it going with your application. And do not be discouraged if you receive one response on a one hundred sent resumes. Your dream job is waiting for you.
Anna Bilenka