Fireworks exploded in Haarlem house

During the early hours of Wednesday 14 October, there was an incident at a house on the Prins Bernhardlaan in Haarlem caused by fireworks exploding after being thrown through the window. It is the third time in a few days that the house has been targeted. There was no one in the house at the time. The incident could be related to a smear campaign about the resident on Facebook. 

According to the news site, one of the immediate neighbours heard a ‘huge bang’ around 01:00 in the early morning. They saw glass everywhere on the floor and the the curtains smouldering. They rang the bell but no one was home and so they called the police.

When the police spoke to the occupant of the house, he informed them that he was at a different address at the time of the incident. It is not known whether he will return to his home.

Another neighbour commented that stones have previously been thrown against the windows on two different occasions. According to him, there were young people standing around outside the house on Sunday evening. Officers would have sent them away, although the police cannot confirm this.

From the story of a neighbour, it can be concluded that there has been a smear campaign about the resident on Facebook. The police confirm that ‘unsavoury things are happening’ but the spokesperson could not give further details apart from saying this is considered as a serious matter.