The first Sand Hotel opens in the Netherlands

You’ve heard of the ice hotels that have recently opened in cold areas in the world, but you’ve probably never heard of a sand hotel. Always dreamed of living (or at least sleeping) in a sandcastle? Well now it’s your chance!

Is the hotel really made of sand? Yes and no. The main structure is built with thin walls covered in sand that has an environmentally friendly coating on it so that the whole thing does not fall apart. Some aspects of the hotel such as the bed and the shower are normal as making these out of sand would not be practical. The place even has two sand sculptures within the hotel room (of which there is only one).

The hotel is said to be safe even though it is made out of sand and can theoretically be broken into with a shovel. There are always two security guards on duty as well as security cameras that monitor the area. Breakfast is provided by a sister hotel so you do not have to worry about getting sand in your food.

For more information or to reserve a room, please see their website (in Dutch)

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