Five WWII bombs found in dunes Bloemendaal (Photo: Haarlems Dagblad)

Five WWII bombs found in dunes Bloemendaal

In the dunes at Bloemendaal five old bombs from World War II are found. It is about four bombs of 500 kg and 1 of 250 kg, reports the municipality of Bloemendaal today.

The aircraft bombs were found in a so-called investigation research for a planned renovation of a bike path. This procedure is common, as it is known that many bombs lie in this area. Besides the explosives another fifteen concrete bombs were found.

The five real explosives were detonated Tuesday and Thursday at the place where they were found by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). For this purpose, a sand bank was raised. The area around the sites has been closed to the public.


(Source: Het Parool)

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  1. Nick Ferrara
    Nick Ferrara says:

    Wow interesting. I love hearing about WWII stuff. It’s an intrest of mine that I never really had until moving to Europe. Now it seems I can’t stop watching movies, going to museums, and reading about the subject.

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