The Foodie goes to SAN SEBASTIAN

First, San Sebastian is the culinary capital of Spain (and Europe’s cultural capital in 2016). This northern Spanish seaside resort has much to offer, especially concerning food. Indeed, it is the city with the most starred restaurants per square meter in the world and the best tapas and pintxos of Spain. Second, it is located in a gorgeous bay in the Atlantic. And the city is just big enough and therefore feels own in no time.

Where to find the best tapas and pintxos in Haarlem? At Patxaran. Join our Spanish Drink there: VIVA LA FIESTA!

Gastronomic capital

Do you literally want to taste culture? Then you should definitely go to San Sebastian. The city is the gastronomic capital of Spain. Even gourmets will not be able to deny that San Sebastian is a forerunner in the field of food. And the numbers do not lie. San Sebastian counts sixteen Michelin stars and here you can find three of the five star restaurants in Spain. This city hasn’t this name for nothing indeed: here you find the most Michelin stars per square meter in the world!


The best and cheapest way to get acquainted with the varied cuisine of San Sebastian is making a tapas tour and enjoy the pintxos (Basque tapas variant). These are small snacks for during a drink derived from the Spanish tapas culture. Pinchos are made of a thin sliced bread with fish, meat, cheese or vegetables. This small tapas snacks come from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’, meaning ‘cover’. In the past, when you ordered a drink at the bar, you got a piece of chorizo sausage on your glass to ensure that none fly came into the glass. San Sebastian has a real pinchos culture, where it is customary to order at every pintxos bar a drink and one or two pinchos and continue in this way from bar to bar.

The Pinxtos and Tapasbars

There are numerous tapas bars where you can feast on fish mousses, pepper skewers and squid.

Most pintxos (in Spanish: pinchos) bars are located in the old city: Parte Vieja. Do you have a larger budget, then the three-star restaurant Arzak – of the populra chef cook Juan Ramon Arzak – an unforgettable culinary experience.

Take a tour on Saturday along all pinchobars, starting with la Mejillonera. Pinchos: coctail pick with the most exquisite tapas dishes. Do as the locals do and order a Zurito or Txikito (small beer or wine) and a plate. And now it comes: load your plate full of delicious snacks. Toast and eat and go to the following address!

Pinxtos and Tapas in Haarlem

Where to find the best tapas and pintxos in Haarlem? at Patxaran.


Vamos tomar un aperitivo, Vamos ir de copas: Join our Spanish Drink! 

Let’s meet and have a chat at our Spanish Drink “Viva la Fiesta!”.

Sunday, March 8, 2015;   to

Spanish atmosphere, Spanish music, Spanish wines (& all other drinks) and if you are hungry the best Basque tapas and pintxos in town!

This Spanish Drink is organized by expatsHaarlem,  Haarlem FoodiesAmigos de España and Patxaran.

Costs: own drinks.

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