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Second Free Financial Awareness Seminar for Expats

The Financial Implications of Being an Expat. By Beacon Financial Education in collaboration with expatsHaarlem.

The need for financial information and investment needs of an expat differ from that of a “regular” employee.

• What does it mean to be an expat? How do your finances change?

• What are the effects of you regularly moving from one country to another on your finances?

• What is the result of you living abroad for a longer period of time for your pension, your retirement?

• Have you set enough money aside to retire comfortably?

American Expats also face another challenge: FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) legislation. Owning bank accounts in countries outside the United States can cause U.S. taxpayers major headaches, including banking lock outs, withholding fees and potential penalties.

The Financial Education seminar walks expats – Americans, those with an American Nexus and other internationals – through some interesting topics, such as Life Insurance Strategies for Expats, Cross Border Retirement Planning, (US FATCA Compliant) Investments and International Wealth Management.

Make sure you, your financial adviser(s) and/or accountant know what being an expat implies for your financial education.



19:30 walk-in, coffee/tea, networking

19:45 start seminar

20:45 Q&A

21:15 coffee/tea, networking






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