Free show at the City Theatre (Photo: website Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt )

Free show at the City Theatre (May 6th)

Vuile Was with Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt. Yvonne is a symbol. A symbol of young, creative, ambitious people who apparently live a shiny and happy life, but encounter a huge thick wall. Bam! 

Generation Y. The Y of Yvonne. The generation that was raised up with the idea: you can be anything that you want! Success is feasible! And then a rude awakening … Shameless you will see Yvonne in her sexy negligee in all her despair. “Hang the wash outside, it will smell good later”. And you will laugh because of her. Because that’s the only thing that you can do. Laugh. And listen to beautiful songs. Tuesday May 6th – 20.15, Haarlem City Theatre, free show, but with reservations (free seat)


Note: during this show the theatre will test if the staff and the building are well prepared for eventual emergencies. It may happen that the show is interrupted for an exercise in which you would be involved. After this short break, you can of course continue to enjoy the show and afterwards you will receive a cup of coffee or tea in the lobby.

(Source: Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie Haarlem).


Reviews about the show are enthousiast. Read them on Yvonne’s website.

Have you seen the show? What’s your review?

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