Freebies for newborns in the Netherlands

When your new baby is delivered, this will undoubtedly be the best present ever. Though, did you know that you can get other deliveries – for free – for when you bring your newborn home, if you know where to look? Read on to know what surprises you can get for your baby in the Netherlands.

A baby is the best present you can get but it’s always fun to receive some additional gifts. There are many options to get surprise gifts in the Netherlands if you just know where to look.

Government packages

pregnancy box

Maternity package received from De Amersfoortse 

First, you can get a kraampaket (maternity package), which is a box containing medical items that are needed during delivery and for care after delivery. This may not exactly be a freebie, but you can ask to get the package via your insurance. A photo of the package I received from De Amserfoortse is shown here (sorry for the poor quality, it’s always a challenge to take photos with little kids around).

You can also apply for benefits from the government in the form of a kinderbijslag (see here) – this basic child benefit helps cover the costs of raising children and you could receive a couple of hundred euros every quarter of a year until the kid turns 18.


Free baby boxes from stores

It is good to know that some Dutch stores offer free baby boxes with goodies for babies and mommies. The goodies are accompanied with discounts on products (that you probably don’t want or need) and there are good things inside as well, and even the come in handy later (for toy storage, for instance). The products provided in the boxes change every now and then, below you’ll find what I’ve got and you can have an idea what’s inside.


  • Prenatal ‘Happy box’ (De Blije Doos): It is one of the most famous shops for baby staff. Inside their baby box, you can find a pack of nappies (size 1), a bottle for feeding, a pacifier/dummy, a cute baby toothbrush, newborn socks, alcohol free beer (for mum!) and discounts for mommy and baby products. You will need to register to receive your ‘Happy Box’ while you’re pregnant (go here) and after the baby is born, you can get a free baby cap with their name on it if you register before the baby is 6 months old.

prenatal freebie box

newborn freebie hat


  • Baby Box (Blokker): Register within 6 months of the baby’s birth and you can get a nice box with presents from Blokker. In the picture you can see what I got, which included a pacifier/dummy, romper, mama belly balm, alcohol-free cider (for mum!) and magazines.

newborn freebie box


  • Hallo Mama (Jumbo): Before giving birth, you can get a pregnancy diary from Jumbo. Then, the main gift you can get after the baby is born includes a soft toy (which my kid loves), two newborn nappies, nice cards for photoshoots, pads for mommy, fragrant plastic bags for nappies and informational brochures.
Update: it seems that Jumbo stopped giving the boxes but you never know, maybe it will be offered again at some point.

newborn freebie book and box


  • Baby & Mama Bag (Kruidvat): Go to a Kruidvat store and you can get a card and a package of gifts: a big shopper bag, newborn nappies, size 0 or 1; baby washing gel and lotion wipes, plus five free photo prints.

newborn freebie bag and gifts


Other freebies

  • Baby-Dump: This store offers a big box with goodies but I couldn’t review it because going to pick up a heavy box at a shop so far away is not something you want to do being heavily pregnant. However, I wanted to include it as well in case there’s a store near you or you don’t mind travelling a bit. According to the information I’ve gathered, the box includes: a soft toy, a romper, a t-shirt ‘baby on board’ to hang in the car, baby cups, storage cups and baby spoons.
  • Plus: The supermarket also offers a free baby ‘peek-a-boo’ box (kiekeboebox). Sign up for it any time up to your baby turning 2 months old and surprise yourself with a gift worth up to €40.
  • Free books: Sign up for the library and you might get a present when you sign up your newborn baby to their library – library membership is free up to the age of 18. My local library gave me a little carton case with two baby books inside. Does your library do the same?
What freebies did you find useful when your newborn arrived? Please comment and share your experience.


Good to know that some Dutch stores offer free gift boxes with goodies for babies and mommies


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