Cold Netherlands

Thursday real feel temperature: -17C degrees

Freezing winds from Siberia are blowing into the Netherlands this weekend bringing heavy frost with sunny sky. By next week Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature could dip to as low as -6C degrees to -9C degrees overnight.

The temperature during the day will likely be around 0C, or slightly above this. The real feel temperature on Thursday morning will be approximately -17C  due to the cold wind.


Skaters may be able to take to the ice early next week. At least five centimetres of ice is needed to skate on shallow lakes and waterways. By next Wednesday, there could be six centimetres of ice in places, but follow the news before taking action.

After Wednesday: warmer, but still cold in the Netherlands

After Wednesday, the temperature in the Netherlands is expected to rise above freezing point in the daytime. However, during the night icy temperatures are still expected.


[Source: RTL Nieuws]



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