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Can I get a mortgage?

Questions about student loans, the self-employed, help from parents, temporary contracts and starters

You can also get a mortgage as a starter on the housing market, or if you are self-employed, or have a temporary work contract or a student loan. We look at what amount you can borrow responsibly, now and in the future. View your options here.

Can I get a mortgage as a starter?

We’re happy to help you on your way to your first mortgage. Use the Rabobank Mortgage File to calculate the amount you can borrow for a mortgage. If you can’t borrow enough on the basis of your income, you might like to consider the following:

  • savings
  • a gift
  • help from your parents or grandparents through the Generation Mortgage
  • a starter’s loan

What is a Starter’s Loan?

You may be able to buy a first house with a starter’s loan. A starter’s loan bridges the difference between the purchase price of your house and the maximum amount that you can borrow with the National Mortgage Guarantee. The size of your starter’s loan depends, among other things, on your income, your assets and your municipality.

How does it work?

A starter’s loan is taken as a second mortgage through the Dutch Public Housing Stimulation Fund (Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting (SVn)). The conditions that apply for this are different to those for your first mortgage. In the first three years you make no interest or principal repayments on the amount of the starter’s loan. After the three years have passed, you have to start making interest and principal repayments, unless you pay to have a reassessment carried out. Your income at that moment and the standards of the National Mortgage Guarantee that apply then are taken into consideration to determine what your expenses can be.

Duration of starter’s loan

The starter’s loan runs for a maximum of 30 years and the fixed-interest period is 15 years. With a starter’s loan, you can qualify for a mortgage interest deduction.

Apply for starter’s loan

Visit the SVn website to find out whether your municipality offers a starter’s loan.

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