From Friday summer warm

The first beach days seem imminent. Starting Friday 9 June 2023, a period of summer heat with 25 to 28 degrees will break out, reports Weeronline.

Friday there is a chance of the first official summer day of the year and over the weekend the chance of a first local tropical day of 30 degrees or more increases.

Starting Friday, warm summer air will be brought in. In De Bilt, the mercury could rise to 25 degrees or more on Friday, making the first official summer day of the year a fact. A record, never before this century did we have to wait so long for the first official summer day. The old record stands at June 7, 2004.

With 25 to 28 degrees, summer temperatures will be widespread over the weekend. Also on the beaches on the west coast the temperature can reach 24 degrees. In the (south) east of the country the temperature rises further: there it will be 29 degrees.

Also after the weekend it seems to remain summery. Starting Sunday, the heat may cause localized thunderstorms but it will remain mostly dry and sunny. However, temperatures may drop a bit due to a possible north wind, but that is still uncertain.

Due to the predicted summer weather, the NS is deploying extra trains between Haarlem and Zandvoort starting Friday. Read more.