From Head to Toes, is the massage therapy service that comes to you. We provide in-home treatments tailored to individual needs.


From Head to Toes

From Head to Toes Massage’s mission is to promote relaxation, over all wellness and empower people with benefits of massage at their home environment.


Here at From Head to Toes our mission is to increase access to the benefits of massage by offering customized in-home massages. By bringing the massage to the client, the client is better able to receive those benefits. Cutting out traveling, and exposure to the outside world allows the client to remain in a relaxed, non-stressed state in the comfort of their home. It also allows time for the therapist to get to know the client and their individual needs in their own environment. This ensures that they are getting the maximum benefit of their treatment. We can all use a little present, unrushed, time and From Head to Toes hopes to provide that.

We use jojoba or fractionated coconut oil and essential oils for aromatherapy when requested.  Lavender  is used to enhance relaxation or Eucalyptus to alleviate sinus pressure if reported by the client. This simple approach of using unscented and just two essential oils has proven over time to provide the maximal benefit while being mindful of those who are sensitive to scents.

We believe in doing our part for our community and our environment. Being an in-home massage company reduces environmental waste, and when distance and weather permit we are committed to traveling by bike to appointments.




Light to medium pressure and elongating and stretching strokes are used to relax the body. Swedish Massage techniques such as petrissage and effleurage help to reduce pain and decrease stress creating a sense of relaxation and wellness.

60 min – € 85;
75 min – € 110;
90 min – € 125;
VAT is included. Parking cost may apply. Ask the provider if you have additional questions.

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Is highly personalized and involves the use of multiple techniques to suit the individual’s needs.

This massage increases circulation and range of motion. Helps relieve pain, spasms, fascia tension, “knots” and often incorporates deep tissue and trigger point release.

60 min – € 90;
75 min – € 115;
90 min – € 130;
VAT is included. Parking cost may apply. Ask the provider if you have additional questions.

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Relaxation massage for moms-to-be, that promotes circulation, relaxation, boosts moods and enhances sleep. This massage is done in prone positions (with a use of special table), for comfort & best relaxation. During pregnancy women’s bodies undergo changes in preparation for birth, therefor it is important to address problem areas safely.

50 min: € 75;
60 min: € 87
VAT is included. Parking cost may apply. Ask the provider if you have additional questions.

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Relaxing massage that mom’s body needs after long months of pregnancy and birth. Increased release of hormones continues post birth. Post-natal massage enhances the recovery period & aids in relaxing tense muscles from uncomfortable seated postures while feeding.

60 min – € 90;
75 min – € 110
VAT is included. Parking cost may apply. Ask the provider if you have additional questions.

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From Head to Toes’ Ramune

From Head to Toes was founded in 2018 by Ramune Zykute Williams. Having emigrated to Haarlem, Ramune wanted to bring the benefits of massage to her new home. Her passion for massage extends back to her childhood in Lithuania where she grew up in an environment that focused on homeopathic methods of care. Massage was regularly incorporated into those healthcare practices. She subsequently spent years studying various massage techniques, and received education as a physical therapy assistant.

Ramune Zykute Williams – Founder of from Head to Toes

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With every purchased gift certificate as a gift for yourself or others you get 10 additional minutes of treatment for free. This offer can’t be combined with any additional offer, gift certificate must be purchased before 31/12/2021. This offer is valid day till 30/06/2022.



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Kennemerland region:

Haarlem, Heemstede, Bennenbroek, Vogelenzang, Aerdenhout, Bentveld, Bloemendaal, Overveen, Santpoort-Zuid, Santpoort-Noord.

Haarlemmermeer region:

Vijfhuizen, Cruquius, part of Hoofddorp.

Duin-en Bollenstreek region: Hillegom

Amsterdam and other cities on request.