Full house for Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt at Stadsschouwburg Haarlem

expatsHaarlem has published an article informing her readers about a free theater show with good reviews: Vuile Was with Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt. Nice! I got a free ticket and last week I saw the young talented comedian Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt performing her show VUILE WAS (Dirty Laundry) at Stadsschouwburg Haarlem. Here my review.


Before going to the show I had read in the expatsHaarlem article: “Yvonne is a symbol. A symbol of young, creative, ambitious people who apparently live a shiny and happy life, but encounter a huge thick wall. Bam! “Generation Y”. The Y of Yvonne. The generation that was brought up with the idea: you can be anything that you want! Success is feasible! And then a rude awakening … Shameless you will see Yvonne in her sexy negligee in all her despair. “Hang the laundry outside, it will smell good later”. And you will laugh because of her. Because that’s the only thing that you can do. Laugh. And listen to beautiful songs.”

It also said that reviews were enthusiastic and that it was free, because a fire drill was held in the middle of the evening and all visitors had to go outside.  No problem for me. I had to see it! And so I did.

Generation Y

Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt in action

Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt in action

The fact that the tickets were free, attracted many visitors: the hall was packed. It was Yvonne’s first appearance in a full auditorium. She visibly enjoyed the large turnout. The show was indeed about Generation Y and about Yvonne’s journey through South America. In itself a nice light-hearted topic, but it remained a bit on the surface. Her attempts to shock didn’t come out that well and it would have been better if she had left out these attempts. The more sensitive parts of the show and the songs she sang beautifully were, by contrast, amazing.

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Sabine Bakker