Looking for a healthier lifestyle? Gezond & Co provides individual coaching

Would you like  to lose some weight ? Do you feel you need to make some changes in your current lifestyle ? Do you  and want to have more energy? Do you want to live a healthier life?

Gezond & Co advises and coaches adults and children with regard to nutrition and exercise. We don’t work with diets and/or  supplements, but make you realize that by eating healthy you obtain enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We also show you that healthy food is tasteful, doesn’t take too much time to prepare and you don’t   have to feel hungry.  Gezond & Co will analyze your current lifestyle and will together with you draw up a personal treatment plan to change your current lifestyle step by step into a healthier lifestyle.

Would you like Gezond & Co to help you to obtain a healthier lifestyle ?

The first appointment is free and without obligation. During this appointment we will prepare a personal treatment plan for you.

  • The advantages of the method used by Gezond & Co are:
  • Step by step changing of the lifestyle, resulting in permanent effects
  • A new healthy lifestyle focusing on healthy food, enough exercise and relaxation
  • No hungry feelings
  • Being able to plan and organize your life, so choosing to eat healthy is simple
  • Feel great and full of energy during the whole process

Our program

Introduction consult ( 1 hour):

During this consult your current lifestyle will be analyzed. Your weight, fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, muscle mass, waist circumference, BMI will be measured. The food log you will have filled in will be discussed.

Consults ( 5x 30 minutes):

During each consult your food log will be analyzed and steps will be defined for the next weeks. Gezond & Co will provide you with background information concerning nutrients, vitamins, minerals and exercise. You will start changing your lifestyle step by step, each consult two new steps will be introduced.
Because it takes time to obtain an healthier lifestyle Gezond & Co offers a packet deal consisting of an introduction consult ( 1 hour) followed by 5 consults ( 30-minutes).

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