Granted measures against gulls nuisance (Photo: PCF Holland)

Granted measures against gulls nuisance

In Haarlem residents of various neighborhoods experience already several years the nuisance of nesting gulls. Especially in the summer when the birds feed their young and early in the morning hindrance seems to be more difficult to tolerate. Also the excremenst are bothersome.

The nuisance was for some residents of Haarlem even so big, that they started a “anti-meeuwenbrigade” (“anti gulls brigade”) with the goal: “Noise, crap and shit. That’s what they make… Our goal is to get away gulls, anyway from this corner of the Kleverparkbuurt.’

The issue has drawn the attention of the Gemeente (Municipality of) Haarlem but the (legal) opportunities to effectively counteract gulls nuisance are limited. Gulls are protected by the EU Birds Directive and the Flora and Fauna Act.

By preventing measures in the next few weeks (gulls breed from May) you can reduce gulls nuisance in the summer. What can’t and can you officially do?

What can’t I do against gulls nuisance?

You are in no way allowed to disturb gulls, break nests or eggs. Neither to exchange the gull’s eggs with artificial ones.

 What can I do against gulls nuisance?
  • Don’t leave waste or garbage bags on the street. Remind if necessary your neighbors not to leave their waste incorrectly. Use the more and more present underground containers where gulls can’t pick out.
  • Report the gulls’ nests to the municipality. So the municipality will better identify where the concentration of gulls are.
  • Give the gulls no food. They don’t need extra food. Feeding is unhealthy for the animals and it also attracts unwanted species. It can also lead to noise nuisance and aggressive behavior of the birds. You may not feed guls in the centre of Haarlem and in the proximity of houseboats at the Spaarndamseweg. Otherwise you risk a fine of  € 140.
  • It is allowed to prevent animals from building a nest. For example, by letting placing wires, pins or nets on your roof. Ask specialists if you want to avoid gulls nuisance with professional resources. The eggs of the birds can e.g. be treated with organic oil so the eggs do not hatch. Search on the Internet for this purpose (‘gulls nuisance’). The costs of these measures will not be reimbursed by the municipality.

(Sources: Gemeente Haarlem and Haarlems Dagblad)

Gulls nuisance (Photo: Haarlems Dagblad)

Gulls nuisance (Photo: Haarlems Dagblad)

Gulls nuisance (Picture: Gemeente Haarlem)

Gulls nuisance (Picture: Gemeente Haarlem)


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