Green-roofed bus shelters in Haarlem

Two bus shelters at the Verwulft in Haarlem have gone ‘green’. Since 7 September, the bus shelters have been installed with eco-roofs and are topped with plants. Residents of the surrounding houses can now look out onto a mini garden. The plants on the roofs help to improve air quality and are good for biodiversity.

Eco measures

The green roofs are planted with Sedum, commonly known as stonecrops. The plants are leaf succulents that have water-storing leaves and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Green roofs help to capture CO2 and particulate matter. In the heat, the plants can help to cool the city, which means a green roof  can help in several ways to make the city more climate-proof. This variety of plant is also good for bees and insects, making it an attractive choice in an urban area.

Sustainable solutions

The green roofs, which can be found on Gedempte Oude Gracht, were constructed by JCDecaux in collaboration with the municipality. JCDecaux is well-known for its bus-stop advertising systems and street furniture, and Haarlem is the fifth city in the Netherlands in which the company has installed green roofs on bus shelters. The company is committed to sustainable solutions for urban issues and the other cities have already seen a reduction in particulate matter in the air due to the green roofs.


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