Gunman storms Dutch television studio demanding airtime (Photo: Rick van den Berg)

Gunman storms Dutch television studio demanding airtime

Yesterday evening a gunman claiming to represent a “hacker collective” stormed the TV studio of Dutch national broadcaster NOS in Hilversum and demanded airtime, before he was arrested by police. No-one was hurt and no shots were fired during the incident, which interrupted the NOS evening news broadcast.

The Dutch public broadcaster NOS reports that the man, dressed in a suit and carrying a silenced gun, produced a letter that said there were radioactive explosives in the building and threatened unspecific “cyberattacks.”

“When you read this, do not panic. Do not cry and don’t tell your colleagues. Pretend there’s nothing to worry about,” the letter read according to a translation posted online by Volkskrant. It contained a message that the man wanted a news anchor to read on live, uninterrupted television that warned of further unspecific attacks.

Online editor for NOS Rik van den Berg, tweeted the picture above of the gunman.

Less than 30 minutes later, Dutch police stormed the studio and arrested the man without incident.

The news network then released a video that captured the incident, showing the man with the gun demanding access to airtime, followed by Dutch police storming the studio with their guns drawn, telling the man to get on the ground.

According to a reporter from the broadcaster who spoke to the the gunman who forced his way into the headquarters of Dutch NOS, he had claimed to be a member of a hacker’s collective working for Dutch intelligence. The young man is 19 years old and lives in the central Dutch town of Pijnacker, near the university town Delft, officials said, declining to provide details. He has been named in Dutch media as Tarik Zahzah.  According to unconfirmed reports he is a student of chemistry at Delft University of Technology.

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