Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback

Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback Edition

The Haarlem Comedy Factory is back! We are so happy to invite you for a show with high-quality, international comedians, all performing in English.

New start in a new venue: the ancient, monumental Bathhouse! Join us in a comedy house full of laughs!

We have a line-up consisting of established names and new talent from all over the world. On stage: Kendra Borgen (Alaska); Lupe Estrada and Benjamin George Nelkin (U.S.A.); Rogier Bak (The Netherlands); Alina Sharipova (Russian- Belgian).

Online ticket price: €11,00 (€ 12,73 inclusive Eventbrite transaction costs); €15 at the door. A Corona Entry Pass (Corona QR-code) is required.


Kendra Borgen

Born into a Reagan-era hunter-gatherer society in Alaska, Kendra started playing saxophone at age 8 inspired by the musical stylings of Lisa Simpson. In 1999 she packed up her Subaru (Betsy) and made the treacherous journey down the infamous Alaskan-Canadian hi-way to study Music at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS). Ever a wondering soul she bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam in 2004 to expand her musical education and start her first production company. An avid student of history (and in need to pay the rent) she also started a tour business in 2010 and currently spends her days guiding people around Amsterdam and entertaining people at night for a living.

Lupe Estrada

He is a comedian who spent years in the L.A. scene before moving to Amsterdam for work and the city has been grateful ever since for his hilarious insights on life, love and comedy.

Rogier Bak

While Rogier is Dutch, he’s worked tirelessly to make sure you could never tell. Having spent most of his formative years the US, he feels like a foreigner in his own country. Rogier’s comedy mostly draws on his personal life and experiences, which fits his storytelling-style of comedy. He claims to not have an ego, enabling himself to be the primary subject of many of his own jokes.

Benjamin George Nelkin

Sometimes referred to by those who know him as “terminally American”, Benjamin George Nelkin tackles light-hearted topics like race, religion, sex and politics in his unique style. Nothing is off-limits for this American comic. Born and raised in New Orleans before moving to Boston, Benjamin now resides in Leiden.

Alina Sharipova

Alina Sharipova is a Russian- Belgian comedian. Her friends often compare her to herpes, be-cause she never really goes away. She says her dream job would be designing fortune cookies, but in the meantime stand up comedy will just have to do!

Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback Edition_ Line-up

Haarlem Comedy Factory Comeback


The Comedy’s venue is the monumental building Badhuis/Bathhouse.

The Badhuis was built in 1903 to a design by the architect S. Roog. This second public bath in Haarlem served as a bathhouse for the citizens of the Leidsebuurt, a working-class neighborhood that developed from 1876 on the western edge of Haarlem. It served until 1979. The Badhuis will now be turned over in a cozy comedy spot.