Haarlem Comedy Factory – Mama Comedy

Join us on Saturday 23 April at Mama Gaia for the very first edition of our special performance: MAMA COMEDY. A delicious international comedy night at one of Haarlem’s trendiest and most sustainable spots.

We bring along the established names and new talents that the international scene in the Netherlands has got to offer.

Our headliner Fedor Ikelaar (The Netherlands) will be supported by a line up featuring MC Mikaela Burch (U.S.A.), Ákos Erdősi (Hungary), Fakhry Faisal (Sudan), Bert Keurentjes (The Netherlands).

So to all you expats, internationals and the Dutchies that like international comedy and to laugh out loud: get those tickets because this is going to be a blast!

Tickets cost €11 euros online (€ 12,73 including Eventbrite transaction costs) and €15 at the door (if still available).


  • 7:00- 7:30 PM: Doors open. We are open from 7:00 for drinks at the bar beforehand.
  • 7:30-8: 45PM: Comedy Show.
  • 8:45:00-9:30 PM: Drinks for those who want to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink.


Fedor Ikelaar

Join Fedor on his laughter-filled, insane journey across the globe. With a combination of sharp wit and other foolishness, he shares his experience from living, working and failing abroad.

Fedor Ikelaar is a born and raised Dutchie, who always felt a bit out of place in the Netherlands. After years of moving from one country to another he finally ended up in Nepal…where he felt even more out of place. Surrounded by spiritual Nepalese, occasional opium dealers, forgotten hippies and millen-nials trying to find themselves, he lost himself more and more but remained captivated by the madness of it all.

Stand-up comedy turned out to be the best outlet for this constant cultural amazement. For the past years he has been performing across the globe from Cape Town to Calcutta. Stitching together his world-travelled experience, from growing up in both the Netherlands and France to traveling the world and ending up high in the Himalayas. With his unique perspective he manages to make his fumbling abroad in exotic places highly relatable and enjoyable.

Mikaela Burch

Detroit Comedian, Mikaela Burch has risen on the Amsterdam comedy scene. After growing up in a city with a death toll, she is adjusting to life in Holland where police spend their days hunting down culprits riding bikes without proper lights. However, with finding her sweet spot dead center in the middle of a warm stroop-waffle, she now feels it is not all that bad. So why not take on the challenge of spreading laughter to the Dutch society? After all, everyone needs a bit of humor in their life.

Ákos Erdősi

”I was born in Hungary but grew up in Poland, so I speaks both languages fluently. Which results in that nobody understands me. But I will do my best for you, I promise. People here call me an alcoholic, but back in Eastern Europe, where I come from, this drinking load counts as ‘below average’.

Bert Keurentjes

It was around two years ago that family man Bert Keurentjes, in an attempt to ward off a looming midlife crisis, decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy. In so doing, he embraced the one thing that he has going for him: his penchant for self-mockery. He now performs all over the country as a stand-up comedian.

Fakhry Faisal

Sudanese comedian from all over the world, so in short full-time immigrant. Doing jokes mainly coming from real life painful experience and cultural differences and lifestyle back in his home country and the first world country!! In completely different perspective.

Felix Mangold

Felix is a student and part-time comedian originally hailing from the exotic German town of Karlsruhe. Ever since starting comedy mid-pandemic, he’s been dazzling (sometimes making people giggle a little bit) crowds in the Netherlands with jokes about his mental state, relationships and how much Germany sucks.


Mama Gaia is the new plant-based restaurant in Haarlem that serves dishes inspired by the flavors of mother nature. At Mama Gaia they want to show you how good it is to eat plant-based, and thus take good care of yourself and your environment.

Mama Gaia is located in the sustainable impact hub Oceans, where they want to create a wave of impact together with their tenants and visitors. The comedy will be a new inspiring event to bring the comedy world closer to sustainability. Sustainability, Awareness, Humanity and a Laugh can make the world better.