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Haarlem Culinair Craft Beer Festival – This Weekend!

This weekend Jopen will organize a craft beer festival at Boereplein (behind Jopenkerk Haarlem) on both Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 until 18:30. Around 20 brewers will be there.

The Brewers

Saturday August 6th Sunday August 7th
Bierbrouwerij De Arn Briljant Brouwhuis
Bax Bier Bronckhorster Brewing Company
BEER_Brouwers Brouwerij Duits & Lauret
Dampegheest Bierbrouwerij Emelisse
Jopen Beer Brouwerij Hommeles
Largum Jopen Beer
Leidsch Bier Brouwerij de Molen
Oedipus Brewing Brouwerij Molenduyn
Brouwerij Troost Van Moll
vandeStreek-bier SNAB Bierbrouwers
Uiltje Brewing Company

Although admission is free, you can buy a start package here. Be careful: You can only buy the tickets online 2 hours or more before the day that you are going! You can pay with both PIN and cash at the festival if you need extra munten.

The package

  • A festival booklet with the brewers and beers that are available on the day that you go
  • A Pen
  • A tasting glas (that you can use both days)
  • A bottle of water


  • Stat package + 8 munten €23.-
  • Start package + 15 munten €40.50
  • Start package + 25 munten €65.50


Original information from Jopen can be found here.

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