Haarlem Cultuur Festival 2015.

Autumn is getting closer and it is more tempting to plop, with legs up on the bench this weekend but that would be a shame. Indeed, it is the weekend of culture, this 12th and 13th September in Haarlem. There are lots of activities to do in the city. Here the highlights in a row.

Cultural Monuments Weekend 

Haarlem has plenty of beautiful monuments. And this weekend 70 Haarlem monuments open their doors. Courtyards, churches and museums are open and free. A few highlights include the Counts Room of the Town Hall or the Vishal (Fish Room) on the Grote Markt (Market Square), De Waag, the Frans Hals Museum, the County Hall and the Mill Adriaan. An absolute must-see: the Bavo on the Grote Markt. Don’t forget to climb the 200 steps of the tower climb ;-). Because how often do you look at that church from outside missing the inside and the view from above the tower on the square and the Haarlem roofs? The entrance is on the Old Groenmarkt 9, Saturday 10-15 h. and Sunday from 12-15 h.

You can find the Open Monumentendag digital leaflet with the full programme here. Of course you can also walk to the Tourist Information Office on the Grote Markt. It just costs some more effort ;-).

Open Monumentendag

The Stad als Podium

That same weekend also sees the festive opening of the cultural season in Haarlem with the Stad als Podium (The City as a Stage), a festival with a variety of performances staged across the city. The doors of the theathres Patronaat, Toneelschuur, Philharmonie and more are open. The program of performances, workshops, exhibitions, choirs and other cultural entertainment is very broad.

Jopen festival

Sunday from 11- 18 h. the Jopen Festival will be held around the Nieuwe Kerk/New Church in the Vijfhoek. An historical event enriched by the famous Haarlem beer, with this year a heavenly theme. Full of music, theater and tasty snacks. Also very nice for kids.

Haarlem Photo Club’s Vijfhoek Jopen Festival Photo Walk

The Haarlem Photo will also organise a cool event: the ‘Vijfhoek Jopen Festival Photo Walk on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 14:00!

We will walk through interesting spots in the popular quarter De Vijfhoek in Haarlem, finishing at the Jopen Festival: Medieval setting and costumes, music, theatre and ancient craftsmanships performances! i.e. tons of occasion to take interesting shots!

Between two snaps, we will have the occasion to taste the Haarlem’s Jopen Beer, brewed firstly in the Middle Ages and in the last years winner of many European Beer Awards. Hungry? Plenty of food tastings, always after the ancient Medieval recipes and tradition.

This year’s Jopen Festival’s theme is: “20 years Jopen“. Pretty promising theme, don’t you think?

Of course we will end up tasting this great and awarded local beers.

Don’t miss it! Sign up here.

See you there!


Vijfhoek Jopen Festival Photo Walk


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