Haarlem has most expensive café terraces, Nijmegen is cheapest (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

Haarlem has most expensive café terraces, Nijmegen is cheapest

Haarlem tops the list of expensive terraces. This results from its annual survey of the best places to drink a beer or glass of wine in the summer sunshine, the Telegraaf says.

The cheapest café terraces in the Netherlands are in Nijmegen.

The newspaper compared the price of a round of drinks in all the Netherlands’ big cities. In Haarlem a coffee, soft drink, beer and glass of rosé cost €22.09, while in Nijmegen the bill was €18.77.

Last year The Hague was even the most expensive city to pick a terrace, but the royal residence has now dropped down to third place.

This year Den Bosch is the second most expensive city, followed by The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

On average, the cost of the four drinks had risen 2.4% compared with 2013.

The biggest price rise was in Utrecht, where the round had gone up 5.3% in price compared with last year, taking it to sixth place in the ranking of most expensive cities.

The survey, carried out by hospitality industry advice bureau Van Spronsen from Warmond, said the cheapest beer – an average of €1.92 – can be found in Eindhoven.

Rosé drinkers are best off in Nijmegen, with the average glass costing €3.15, while Breda tops the cheap list for soft drinks at an average €2.13.

Ranking most expensive Café terraces 2014

1. Haarlem Haarlem has most expensive café terraces, Nijmegen is cheapest
2. Den Bosch
3. Den Haag
4. Amsterdam
5. Rotterdam
6. Utrecht
7. Tilburg
8. Zoetermeer
9. Amersfoort
10. Leiden
11. Enschede
12. Almere
13. Zwolle
14. Groningen
15. Maastricht

(Sources: de Telegraaf and RTL Nieuws)

(Photo: Arianna Ardia)



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