Haarlem happenings in October

The autumn agenda has some seasonal events taking place in October in Haarlem. The calendar is dotted with art, food, performance and perhaps some spooky happenings. Don’t forget to follow the guidance in compliance with RIVM guidance and make your reservations (where required) early.

The calendar isn’t as busy as usual for this time of year, due to circumstances beyond our control, though we did find some events coming up this month (which, at the time of writing, still have tickets left). A few suggestions below.




Memento Mori

Photo credit: Julian Maiwald

What: Momento Mori
When: Friday 9 October

Theatre collective Nineties creates an immersive production. Memento Mori would originally have been a location performance at sunrise on Terschelling during the Oerol theatre festival, which was not possible this year. So, the company has adapted! This is now a cross-over between performance, dance, music, poetry and web-art. The play will be performed 100% live for an online audience using Zoom and is all in English. The performance can also be attended offline/physically by a limited amount of people. If you visit the theatre, you will see the performance created in real life through technology and green screens. More details and tickets

Het Veerkwatier

broodjes bakkenWhat: Bread Baking on the Fire Pit
When: Saturday 10 October (15:00 to 17:00)

Saturday afternoon, sitting around an open fire and baking your broodjes – this sounds like a fun autumnal event. All you have to do is order a ball of dough by the fire for €4.00 and the venue will take care of the fire. To ensure that the sandwiches do not burn while you drink your wine, there will be continuous supervision and guidance. The staff will help to make sure the bread is baked to perfection and will also have spreads available to make your just-baked sandwiches even tastier! More information


Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Autumn in BloomWhat: Autumn in Bloom
When: Friday 24 October (exhibition opening)

It’s a rare sight: fresh flowers and plants in a museum hall. Yet once a year, the Frans Hals Museum’s Hof building proves that it’s perfectly possible under strict conditions, and the museum assumes a distinct homely and floral air. Normally, this happens in the springtime – but this time we have autumnal blooms. The flower artists, led by Vibeke Struben, present their floral displays. Sometimes exuberant, sometimes subtle, they attune their compositions to the style of the room and the paintings. Museum in Bloei will run until 6 December. More details and tickets



Horizonverticaal exhibitionWhat: 10 Years of Horizonverticaal
When: Friday 24 October (exhibition opening, 12:00 to 18:00)

Ten years ago, a group of young, recently graduated artists settled in the former brewery ‘t Scheepje on the Spaarne in Haarlem. The name Horizonverticaal originates from this leaning monumental location. At that time, Haarlem did not yet have an artist-run space, which according to the artists was needed. At the end of 2019, Horizonverticaal, together with the municipality of Haarlem, found a perfect new location: the Magdalenaklooster – which is where the anniversary exhibition will be held featuring the works of 10 artists. The exhibition will run until 29 November. More details



Halloween PatronaatWhat: Patronaat Halloween Trail
When: Friday 30 October (starting at 19:30, 4x tours lasting 1 hour each)

A spooky ghost tour through the halls, backstages and caverns of Patronaat could be a great idea for Halloween! Nooks, corridors, cellars and more that you normally never get to see as a visitor will now be open in a tour where only the bravest individuals. The tour includes everything you could want from a haunted house; shock moments, monstrously cool festive decorations, a little music to distract you, and even complimentary Bloody Mary’s on the spookhouse – there is something to haunt all senses. More details and tickets


Central Haarlem

Kunstlijn HaarlemWhat: Kunstlijn Haarlem
When: Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November

For Kunstlijn Haarlem, the city will transform into a large cultural temple in which visual art is central. The event offers you the opportunity to meet artists in their studios and see surprising presentations in galleries, museums, churches, shops and more! Kunstlijn Haarlem has been promoting the sale of art objects every year since 1985. and this is 35th edition of the event. More details


Do you have tips for upcoming events? Please let us know in the comments or by email!

Carmel McNamara