Haarlem Jazz

No article can effectively describe the sweet smooth sounds of jazz. And everyone knows jazz doesn’t sound any sweeter or smoother unless it’s FREE! Right here in the center of Haarlem, it’s the HAARLEM JAZZ & MORE FESTIVAL!

Haarlem Jazz & More Festival is hosting over 20 of your favourite local artists such as Ronnie Flex and Sharron Doorson in one of the biggest stages in the Grote Markt! And you know they did right by their beloved Jazz Cats… by bringing you not one, not two, and no not even three days of music. They brought you FIVE DAYS of sweet melody on FOUR DIFFERENT STAGES!

Come check out one of the biggest events of the year from August 16 – 20 FOR FREE beginning at 18:00.  More information can be found at https://www.haarlemjazzandmore.nl/


Meowzy Qrush

Meowzy was born and raised in Holland and adopted two American expats. Although she enjoys napping in clean clothes, eating Gourmet food, and basking in the sun, Meowzy lives for the curiosity and adventure of the world her expat pets call "H-ow-s". She spends her time in pursuit of the mysterious red dot, to which she intends to further research the secrets it holds. In the meantime, she hosts brunches with the local birds, but she finds her guests are usually too flighty for her taste.
Meowzy Qrush

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