Haarlem New Year’s Comedy 2023

Start 2023 laughing at the HAARLEM NEW YEAR’S COMEDY on Friday 20 January.

With Odette van der Molen, Winner of the Comedy Talent Award 2019, and our headliner, amazing MC Rogier Bak, accompanied by Ákos Szabolcs Erdősi, Alan Knaani, and Winnie Hänschen.



  • 7:00- 7:30 PM: Doors open. We are open from 7:00 for drinks at the bar beforehand.
  • 7:30-8:45 PM: Comedy Show.
  • 8:45-9:15 PM: Drinks for those who want to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink.



Odette van der Molen (Headliner)

Winner of the Comedy Talent Award 2019, Odette van der Molen is made for the spotlights! With her self-deprecating, sharp humour and spot-on characterisations, she challenges and ridicules modern life and her genera-tion gap, with her relatable topics.

She can be sharp, honest, and direct, not sparing herself one single bit, and not entirely free of any self-embarrassment. Odette effortlessly connects with her audience in both a charming and playful way!

Rogier Bak (MC)

While Rogier is Dutch, he’s worked tirelessly to make sure you could never tell. Having spent most of his formative years the US, he feels like a foreigner in his own country. Rogier’s comedy mostly draws on his personal life and experiences, which fits his storytelling-style of comedy. He claims to not have an ego, enabling himself to be the primary subject of many of his own jokes.

Ákos Szabolcs Erdősi

”I was born in Hungary but grew up in Poland, so I speaks both languages fluently. Which results in that nobody understands me. But I will do my best for you, I promise. People here call me an alcoholic, but back in Eastern Europe, where I come from, this drinking load counts as ‘below average’. Currently I am studying political science at University of Amsterdam and my aim is to make Hungarian politics flourishing by making corruption legal to everybody.

Alan Knaani

A neurotic, nebbish, overly pedantic Jewish-American comic? Wow, what a trendsetter. Alan Knaani decided against ‘breaking the mold’ because honestly who’s gonna clean up that mess. Watch this wisecracking mess of a person take a personality that should be fixed with medication and use it for some good old-fashioned comedy.

Winnie Hänschen

Winnie is a stand-up comedian from the Netherlands. She’s worked in theatre for over a dec-ade as a playwright and performer and has a solo under her belt. She performs and writes in Dutch and English, used the many lockdowns to write a book and has a comedy podcast in the making, but very happy to get back out on stage now we can!

Haarlem New Year's Comedy comedians

Haarlem New Year’s Comedy comedians


The Comedy’s venue is the monumental building Badhuis/Bathhouse.

The Badhuis was built in 1903 to a design by the architect S. Roog. This second public bath in Haarlem served as a bathhouse for the citizens of the Leidsebuurt, a working-class neighborhood that developed from 1876 on the western edge of Haarlem. It served until 1979. The Badhuis will now be turned over in a cozy comedy spot.

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