Haarlem Summer Photowalk (Photo: Carlos Charlez)

Haarlem Summer Photowalk

Haarlem! Summer! Open Air! Photography! The best ingredients for a wonderful PHOTO WALK.  

Come and join us in the ‘Haarlem Summer Photowalk’ on August 16th at 13:00. This is a joint event of expatsHaarlem Photo Club and the Amsterdam Photo Club.

What is a photowalk?

A photowalk is a fun event where anyone interested in taking photos meet up and walk around taking photos together. Share, learn and get inspired by others.

We will meet at Haarlem CS, main entrance.

Haarlem Central Station

We will visit the following locations:

1. Hofje van Noblet

Hofje Noblet

2. De Adriaan Windmill

Adriaan Windmill

3. Teylershofje


4. Bakenessergracht


5. Grote Markt

Grote Markt

6. Kenaupark


How to sign up?

Please, click here to read more details.

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