Why Haarlem is the worst place in the world during Fall.

It’s the beginning of that time of the year when Haarlem turns into a wet leaf death trap! If you don’t believe me, continue to read on…

      Haarlem is the worst place to live during Fall.

Haarlem Fall

(Photo Courtesy of Johan Mulder)

        This person isn’t enjoying the beautiful leaves, he is stuck and doesn’t know his way out!

(Poor guy)

   There is nothing to do during Fall. Stay indoors folks!

  This kid isn’t having fun at all.


 This cat is terrified.


Haarlem Fall

(Haarlem Wijn)

           In Haarlem, food and drink is rationed during Fall. There are no elaborate wine tasting events.


      Haarlem isn’t pretty or romantic at this time of year.


Haarlem fall

(Photo Courtesy of Foto Delray)

                                                                              Nope. Not pretty at all.


Haarlem fall

(Photo Courtesy of Joseph A Carr)

                                                                                    Still not pretty. 


      In summary, Haarlem is an awful place to live during Fall.

 You have been warned!

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