Haarlem’s Among Best Travel Destinations for Women

A picturesque city known for being a market town, Haarlem, Netherlands bustles like a Brueghel masterpiece complete with fresh produce, lots of flowers, cheese, and busy shoppers but the beauty of Grote Markt, the city’s centrepiece, is not the only reason why female travellers flock to the Dutch destination.

According to Numbeo and Trekeffect, this small city is among the safest places to visit thanks to its low crime rate. With an estimated 30 million women who travelled solo in the past few years, ladies ages 30 to 45 who will visit destinations like Haarlem are likely to go up. The city is a history buff’s paradise too as it is home to the Haarlem Museum, a place where travellers and locals can get a glimpse of the old town. It is a great place for a short but scenic cruise and offers a vibrant nightlife that is less boisterous than Amsterdam located just a short train ride away. From museum hopping, bar hopping to gastronomic experiences and shopping, the most Flemish city in the north sure has a lot to offer.

It Is Safe to Travel On Your Own

Women travellers grew in record numbers in recent times, according to Forbes magazine and many now opt to travel on their own both to find a sense of freedom and to determine the life they want to create. For most of these travellers, their general safety is a priority and rightly so. However, it is interesting to note that travelling solo is as safe as travelling with a group, according to the author of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook Janice Waughn. Waugh adds that safety measures that women employ on a daily basis should be applied while travelling.

Why Go To Haarlem?

The city with its historic buildings and picture-perfect squares sits by the banks of the river Spaarne. Aside from its undeniable beauty, Haarlem has more to offer. Strolling in Haarlem is a delight, for example, as its narrow streets offer hidden gems, monumental structures, and homey cafes. It is also quite a shopping destination. In fact, the Dutch agree that it is the best shopping destination in Holland. For food lovers and those who are adventurous enough to try new dishes, the city also has exemplary culinary offerings that can accommodate every taste. The city even has a culinary event every August and is home to cosy little eateries and Michelin Star establishments. Travellers should visit Jopenkerk for its long list of beers, Truffles for high-end French cuisine, In’t Goede Uur for its wines and cheeses among others.

All About Safety

For many female travellers who have gone to Haarlem, choosing the city is mainly about its low crime rate and the general feeling of being safe while walking on its streets. Numbeo says that it is 98% safe to walk alone in Haarlem during daytime and 90% safe at night. Safety is a number one concern for female travellers for them to truly have an immersive experience of the places they visit. Because of this concern, visiting cities such as Harlem is definitely a good option.