Haarlem’s Top Coworking Spaces

Expats who engage in remote work have the benefit of working from anywhere, but selecting your office space should be done carefully. Recent research from Deskmag and Deskwanted revealed that 74% of coworkers have increased productivity. So if you’ve settled into Haarlem and are looking to make the most of your work time, you should consider utilizing one of its many coworking locations. These will often charge a fee though, so you need to make sure you select one with the right facilities for you. Below are some of the highest rated coworking spaces in the city.

Mica Coffee Bar

Anything with coffee in the title will appeal to hard workers, but Mica Coffee Bar has a special love among its regulars. Located in the heart of Haarlem city centre, this is perfect for anyone who wants to be near amenities and prefers working in a busy environment. Since this is a regular café, there’s no cost other than that of a cup of coffee, which is around €2.50. However, it has been optimized for working, with desks suitable for computers and plug sockets under every table.

Dé Plek

If coffee shops aren’t your ideal work environment, then Dé Plek offers something more corporate. With three floors of meeting rooms and offices, it isn’t difficult to find a space to get stuck into your work. Dé Plek host modern equipment and interior decor designed to focus the mind for productivity. Hosting 100MB fibre broadband, you never have to worry about a slow connection. Rooms can be rented from €16 an hour or you can secure an office from €220 a month. Digital Economy Hub

In 2017, the Netherlands was crowned the tech capital of Europe. Cities such as Amsterdam and nearby Haarlem have responded by creating plenty of spaces where tech startups can meet and run their businesses. One of the leading providers is the Digital Economy Hub. This space was created with IT specialists in mind, but anyone who works online will benefit from the large desks, clean open spaces, fast WiFi, private lockers and free lunch and coffee. You will need to set up an interview to secure membership, but once accepted this could be a location that allows your business to flourish.

Finding a space to work alone or with others isn’t difficult in Haarlem. You can stick to the many coffee shops which offer fast, free internet and charging stations or sign up for a dedicated office space. Whichever environment works best for your business will definitely found in Haarlem.

Jane Sandwood
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