Haarlemse Lente

From march 24th to the 26th, Haarlem celebrates “Haarlemse Lente” [Haarlem Sping] the modern day art scene in the historic center of Haarlem.

In this sixth edition, 13 museums, galleries, and artist’s initiatives join together for an opening evening full of free to visit exhibition openings, a booming after party, and a weekend full of screenings, performances, and other activities.

Participants: 37PK, Castellvm Aqvae, de-Passages, Museum Het Dolhuys, Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem, Horizonverticaal, Juliacks, Nieuwe Vide, Pakhuisje ‘Hal 88’, Sugar Pop Institute, Teylers Museum and de Vishal.

New for this year is the addition of the theater program / Speak in Tongues, put together by the curator Katayoun Arian in thr context of the central theme “de Blik van de Buitenstaander” [The Outsider’s Glance].

De Blik van de Buitenstaander

Who or what is a “buitenstander”? And who determines that? In the present day, where opinions over borders and us-them relations continuously tumble over each other, such questions more current than ever. The participants in Haarlemse Lente reflect on different manners on the ongoing tension between holding on and letting go of definitions that that produces.

In this way, Evelyn Taocheng Wang among others including Richard Tuttle and Kasper Bosmans search for the boundaries of representation from the human body and clichés around the “masculine look” in Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem. Sugar pop Institute invites outsiders from the art world to their pop-up exhibition, Juliacks presents a transitory installation in the de Waag building, and in Museum Het Dollhuys you can see “outsider artists” from Iran. Horizonverticaal and de-Passages question the position of the visitor relative to the art work as well as the exhibition, and the Flag of Compassion, hosted by Pakhuisje “Hal 88”, brings the binding force of empathy in the spotlight.

I Speak in Tongues – Katayoun Arian

Curator Katayoun Arian (Teheran, 1984) created this year by invitation from Haarlemse Lente / Speak in Tongues, a themed program based on the work of Gloria Anzaldúa, that studies the relationships between the body, language, and identity. Arian employs the “position of difference” as outsider in Haarlem to hold a mirror up to the public as well as the Haarlem art organizations and cast a critical look at the modern day mechanisms of collectivity and identity politics. She invites artists including Wendelien van Oldenborgh for a screening and talk about her film Supposing I love you. And you also love me (2001).


On Friday March 24th Haarlemse Lente kicks off at 16:00. The evening will include free accessible and festive openings and activities at all participating organizations and after that starting at 22:00 the afterparty will take place at Nieuwe Vide. On Saturday and Sunday next to exhibitions there will also be special screenings, performances, tours, and artist talks. On Sunday there will be a festive closing in the center of Haarlem.

It promises to be a challenging and diverse edition where Haarlem will again show that it manages to unite the historic artist city with the modern day art scene like no other. All locations will have free entry on March 24th starting at 17:00. During the rest of the weekend the normal entrance fee will be charged at the museums.

We hope to see you during th Haarlemse Lente 2017!


Daily beginning March 24th until March 26th 2017

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