Half of the Dutch cheat

Almost half of all Dutch sometimes cheats.  According to a research study by Psychology Magazine. After the act, they feel very guilty.

2,300 people participated to the research survey (500 men, 1800 women).

Results of the survey

  • 43% has ever cheated
  • 50% has ever been cheated on

With who do they cheat?

  • Friend (17 percent)
  • Colleague (16 percent)
  • Ex-partner (11 percent)
  • Stranger (10 percent)
  • Vague acquaintance (9 percent)

What do they find difficult about adultery

  • Guilt (29 percent – women more than men)
  • Doubts about the choice between partner and lover (19 percent)
  • Fear that it comes out (14 percent)
  • Lying to partner (13 percent)
  • The Double Life (9 percent)

With whom they share their affair?

With no one (male: 58 percent female 33 percent)
With one or more close friends / girlfriends (Male 41 percent, Female 65 percent) With partner (Male 25 percent, Female 34 percent)



(Source: Psychologie Magazine)


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