“Handymen” arrested during brutal crime in Haarlem

The police arrested Tuesday morning two ‘handymen’ who were “working” on the roof of a house on the Rijksstraatweg in Haarlem-Noord. The men had turned on a ladder against the house of an elderly man and went up to the roof. Here they had moved some roof tiles.

The older resident would not have approved the “repair” works of the pair and did not want to open the door. The police was signed and arrested the two men. During the arrest two buses with foreign licence number were parked on the street. By seeing the policemen two buses quickly drove away through a red traffic light.

A parked ‘handymen’ car is investigated by an agent.

The fire brigade was called to put back the removed tiles back. The ladder was seized. The Police warn often for swindling handymen, especially in the coastal areas where they have been very active the last days.

[Source: Nieuws.nl. Featured Photo: Michel van Bergen]


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