Heavily pregnant cow walks into a busy Brabant restaurant

Imagine this happens to you … you are having a nice dinner in a restaurant and suddenly a heavily pregnant cow walks in. This happened on Thursday evening in Brabant’s restaurant Herberg De Brabantse Kluis.

De Brabantse Kluis at Kloosterdreef  8 in Aarle-Rixtel is a restaurant and farm in one. During a move of a pregnant cow from one barn to another, the cow decided to change direction and walk into the restaurant.

According to the owner of the restaurant Christa Migchels, the reactions of the guests in the restaurant were “mixed”. ‘It was quite busy in the restaurant. Many people saw it happen. One thought it was scary, the other was funny. In any case, it was an experience for everyone,’ she told Omroep Brabant.

The animal has not damaged anything.


[Source: Omroep Brabant]. [Photo courtesy: Restaurant De Brabantse Kluis]

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