Intocht Sinterklaas

Hij komt. Sinterklaas arrives!

On Sunday, November 15th Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) will be back with his helpers in Haarlem. 

The boat from Spain is on its the way. Nearly half filled with presents, chocolate letters and pepernoten but who and what will Sinterklaas take all along to Haarlem? There will surely be the Zwarte Pieten (helpers) with him and lots of fun.

The ship sails through the Spaarne to moor opposite Teylers hofje, next to the swing bridge at the Koudenhorn. Presents Boat 12 will arrive by steamer around 12.00 from Heemstede. Many large and small vessels accompany the Presents Boat.

At 13.00 pm the march will continue with a colorful procession towards the Grote Markt. 150 helping Pieten and various vehicles such as a horse tram and a top bus will accompany the procession, closed by Sinterklaas on his white horse Amerigo.

Intocht Sinterklaas

After arrival at the Grote Markt Sinterklaas will be welcomed by mayor Bernt Schneiders. Sinterklaas will freshen up in the town hall and later come on the stage in front of the town hall. The children will have the opportunity to meet Sinterklaas in person. The Pieten will play tricks and sing among and together with the children.

intocht Sinterklaas


Route: Koudenhorn, Donkere Spaarne, Spaarne, Gedempte Oude Gracht, Zijlstraat, Nieuwe Groenmarkt, Krocht, Smedestraat, Grote Markt.

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