Want to learn more about the country you live in? Come to this year’s Geschiendenis Festival! This year, the Historisch Nieuwsblad is hosting this event where historians from The Netherlands and abroad speak about a range of diverse topics from the violent battle during the Ardennes Offensive to Surinamese history!

This is your chance to learn from experts about how The Netherlands influenced many parts of the world throughout its extensive history. This festival will capture your inner historian as it offers something for everyone!

Please do not miss this chance to enrich your knowledge on how this relatively small nation helped influence this world throughout the centuries to what it is today! The festival takes place at Philharmonie Haarlem on October 7 from 9:00 – 18:00.


For more information and ticket prices, please visit https://www.historischnieuwsblad.nl/geschiedenisfestival/index.html

Meowzy Qrush

Meowzy was born and raised in Holland and adopted two American expats. Although she enjoys napping in clean clothes, eating Gourmet food, and basking in the sun, Meowzy lives for the curiosity and adventure of the world her expat pets call "H-ow-s". She spends her time in pursuit of the mysterious red dot, to which she intends to further research the secrets it holds. In the meantime, she hosts brunches with the local birds, but she finds her guests are usually too flighty for her taste.
Meowzy Qrush

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