Housing costs in Haarlem lowest, Zandvoort biggest riser. (Photo: RTL Nieuws)

Housing costs in Haarlem lowest, Zandvoort biggest riser

The Association Owned House, put the housing costs for 2014 in all Dutch municipalities in a row. A comparison between the municipalities in South Kennemerland shows that Haarlem has the cheapest housing costs. Zandvoort shows a huge increase, especially the property tax goes up considerably in that municipality.

In Haarlem the housing costs rise slightly, with 2.4% compared to 2013. This increase is due to the Property taxes, which has augmented with 5.17%, and to the sewage charges. The latter even increased by 6.16% compared to 2013. The waste charges diminished with 1.19% compared to 2013. However, with 332 euros per year for a multi-person household, waste taxes are still the highest in the region.

In Zandvoort, the average housing costs increased in 2014 with 6.1% compared to 2013. Remarkably, both the waste charges as the sewage charges decrease in that municipality, respectively with 3.6 and 4.9%. The increase could be due to the massive property tax increase in Zandvoort, which is in average 24.72% higher than in 2013.

Also in Bloemendaal and Heemstede property taxes increase, with respectively 1.7 and 2.2%. In Haarlem and Spaarnwoude property tax decreases very slightly, with 0.05%. Bloemendaal remains by far the most expensive town in the region. The average family in this town pays almost 1,000 euros per year on housing costs. This is mainly due to the high property tax in the municipality. Houses in Bloemendaal are on average very expensive. Also housing costs are and become even more: on average 2,3% more expensive than compared to 2013. In Haarlem and Spaarnwoude costs rose with 1.3%.

(Source: Vereniging Eigen Huis)

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